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Difficult times: A memory
Monday, March 22, 2021 11:06 AM

It's exactly a month short of 85 years of sibling love, the ups and down of which constantly remind me of my sister Rugubathy (known to all family and friends and especially those born and bred in Old Clairwood as just "DOLL" and even "Mamadoll", which should bring fond memories to all who read thisl lament.

Life was never easy as we lived through the War Years, the domestic upheavals which plagued us as children the early loss of our mother, and a countless other setbacks which inevitably plague all family life, her failed mariuage and new beginnings, joining and making a new life for herself, her children and grandchildren in Canada.

But it was not all doom and gloom here in South Africa which gave to us the best and most memorable days of our lives. . There were glorious days here in our beloved country, never to be forgotten as those who lived and still live in Clairwood will fondly remember.

As a young lady she was popular as an exponent of Indian Classical dancing, the Bharatnatyam and performed in many a play produced in the forties, fifties and early sixties. Even a roller skater at a time when few if any so ventured.

Our love for each other and all our siblings, and I count among them my brother Danny Boy of Bliue Ricks fame, twins Sundra and Suriah, Dickey and the youngest of them all Krishna have stories to tell which bring bitter sweet memories, more loving and sweet than bitter.

It's been a roller coaster of a ride of more than 80 years and the longevity of it all should rightly be considered as fortunate and gifted. Not many enoy the longevity of sibling love, care and compassion as we did as family.

I know that as a sister she bathed in the glory of my suceesses in life and shared with me the low moments too.

She loved all family unconditionally

Her last days saw her put up a great fight against a dreaded cancer, but it was COVID that had the final say.

She longed to make one last visit to South Africa to be with family but it was not to be.

This has been a difficult time for family,the recent loss of my dear sister in law Savy in Australia, my daughter NIRVANA'S Father-in law Andrew Matai and now my sister, "Dearest Doll"

Rest in Peace my dearest sister. Think of the good times.

Barathanathan "Thumba" Pillay on Facebook, 4 March 2021

Monday, July 27, 2020 2:38 PM

Many family members appear in this video.




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